2017 UHVnet                     

10th Universities High Voltage Network Colloquium 

School of Engineering and Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University

“Challenges and opportunities in HV future network”


Keynote Speakers

Prof Ghanim Putrus, Northumbria University, UK, "Will the lights stay on? "

Dr Gerry Cleary, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), "Continuous Monitoring on the SSE Networks Transmission System - Requirements for Standards, Specifications and Innovation"

Mr Martin Kearns, EDF, "Research in Cable Condition Monitoring and Its Application within EDF Energy"

Prof. John Walker, TJH2b Analytical Services Ltd, Global Electricity Future

Invited Poster/Presentions

 Dr Richárd Cselkó, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Activities of the High Voltage            Laboratory of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

 Mr Joe McArdle, Innovation Specialist, Scottish Enterprise, Commercialising Your Innovations

Oral Presentation

S01-P Turner, M P Wilson, M Given, I Timoshkin, S MacGregor, Strathclyde, "Impulse Breakdown of Epoxy Resin/Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites"

S02-Dr Simon Sutton, Dr Gordon Wilson, Southampton, "Does transformer rating capability change with        age?"

S03-Z. N. Zakaria, T. Andritsch, P. Lewin, Southampton, "Electric Field Distribution in Fluid Dielectric using Optical Method"

S04-Bozhi Cheng, Prof. Zhongdong Wang and Prof. Peter Crossley, Manchester, "Interpretation of FRA Traces Based on Winding Geometry"

S05-M. Azizian Fard, M. E. Farrag, S. G. McMeekinand and A. J. Reid, GCU, "Effect of HVDC Voltage Ripples on Partial Discharge Behaviour in Solid Dielectrics  "

S06-S Omar, S Robson and A Haddad, H. Griffiths, Cardiff, "HV Distribution Network Optimum Supply Restoration Algorithm"

Poster Presentation

Staffordshire University

P07-Mohammad Masud Rana, "Self-Healing Control for improving reliability in Smart Grid Distribution System"

University of Strathclyde

P08-Euan A Morris, Dr WH Siew, "Partial Discharge Detection for HVDC Cables"

P09-José Manuel Fresno, Guillermo Robles, Brian G. Stewart and Juan Manuel Martínez-Tarifa, "Effect of Uncertainties in Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) measurements for PD Source Location Using RF Antennas"

P10-Qingjiang Xue, Igor Timoshkin, Mark Wilson, Scott MacGregor, "A study of the force distribution between two water droplets under a step electric field"

P11-B.Song, I Timoshkin, M. Wilson, M. Maclean, S. MacGregor and J. Anderson, "Electrical and Thermal Stresses Induced by Pulsed Electric Fields in Microorganisms"

P12-C. Mackinnon, B. G. Stewart, V. M. Catterson, and S. D. G. McArthur, "Failure Modes of Voltage-Source Converter HVDC"

University of Southampton

P13-Ying LIU and George CHEN, "Simulation of the Electric Field Distribution in the Insulation of a HVDC XLPE Cable"

P14-Dr Simon Sutton, Prof Paul Lewin, Prof Steve Swingler, "Use of sea electrode systems in HVDC subsea cable systems"

P15-X Wang, George Chen, "Influential Factors about Pulse Injection from Measuring Electrode based on PEA Measurement Technology for Coaxial Cable"

P16-Yunpeng Zhan, Alun Vaughan and George Chen, "Simulation of Electrical breakdown in Polymer"

P17-Yongfen Luo, George Chen, "Transformer Winding Deformation Tested by M-Sequences and Classified by ANN"

University of Manchester

P18-Chengxing Lian, Yuhan Liu, Prof Ian Cotton, "Superhydrophobic and Icephobic Coatings for Overhead Line Insulators and Conductors"

P19-J.W. Xi and Dr. Q. Liu, "Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oils under Controlled Faults"

P20-J Hill, Prof. Z. Wang* and Dr. Q Liu, "Thermal Capacity of Distribution Transformers Affected by the Impact of Low Carbon Technologies"

P21-Zong Wen Yan, Q. Liu* and Z. Wang, "Study of Low Molecular Weight Acids as a Potential Early Ageing Indicator in Transformer Cooling and Insulation Systems"

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

P22-Richard Cselko, "Monitoring of the partial discharge activity during the tracking wheel test of composite MV insulators"


P23- Yang Yang, Chengke Zhou, Donald M. Hepburn, "Defect detection based on harmonic component in leakage current in XLPE HV cables"

P24-Chibuike Ilomuanya, "Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Outdoor Insulators Under Acid Rain Pollution Condition"

P25-Ehnaish  Aburaghiega, Dr. Mohamed Emad Farrag, Dr. Donald M Hepburn, Dr. Belen Garcia, "On-line Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers Through Electrical and Thermal Parameters; Experimental Study"
P26-G. Smith, A.S. Holmes-Smith, S. G. McMeekin, "Spectroscopic methods for understanding chemical breakdown of mineral oil and ester oils under stress conditions" 

P27-Arshad, A. Nekahi, S.G. McMeekin, M. Farzaneh, "Detection of Partial Arcs along the Insulator Surface Based on Leakage Current Analysis "

P28-Abdallah Abdaelbaset, Ahmed Mohamed, Mahmoud AbouElkasem, Dr. Mohamed Emad Farrag, "Interactions between Dynamic Line Rating and Protection Coordination in Transmission System of Northern Scotland"

P29-Huajie Yi, Chengke Zhou, Donald M. Hepburn, "In-service Cable Insulation Resistance Measurement"

Cardiff University

P30-D. Mitchard, N. S. Jamoshid, C. Stone, A. Haddad, "Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Aluminium Deflection due to Lightning Strikes"

P31-Hassan A Hassan, "Characterization of Horizontal Earth Electrodes: Variable Frequency and Impulse Responses"

P32-N Saudin*, H Griffiths and A Haddad, "Lightning Protection of Aircraft Radome"

Prizes and Awards:

The following prizes will be awarded to the;

·  Best paper

·  Best poster

·  Best presentation

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